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Default Strings

Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Found yet another few issues with the latest langpack:
  • In the render cueue window entries in these columns aren't localizable. It's quite important, not just to be able to translate the word "delay"; there's also a certain necessity to have the values in the string (e.g. "delay %ds" or for instance "%s %dch %.1fkHz %dbit") because of white-spacing and so on.

  • The string "Recently used" isn't localizable, no matter wherever it appears.

  • The tooltip of time selection, loop selection, regions and markers can't be done either.

  • These submenu items won't translate whatsoever (although I'm sure, they did before).

  • When creating a JS plug-in, there's no way to translate "new effect".

  • These actions appear translated in the 'Main' and in the 'Main (alt recording)' list, but in all others they show up like this:

  • An 'umlaut' issue in the dropdown menu of the video processor, whilst the menu in the editor of a dedicated video processor item works well.

  • Also, there are some strings like "initializing..." or "Project: loading effect: " (and maybe others, depending on the resources the project loads) that show up in the splash screen, when loading a project, that can't be translated. Even the calculation tool didn't help here.

IMO it's not necessary to create a new langpack file for these. It just would be nice if the strings could be made accessible to translation.

Hello, Data.

Do you already have the strings for translating the texts on this screen?


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