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Default solution to Playtime not properly saving/recalling layouts

lol, gotta respond to brummbear's response to my post #958, and provide the solution i found in hopes it may help someone...

selection of Live vs Prg or other LP Pro mode is somewhat immaterial, the differences being the specifics of communication protocol between the LaunchPad and the host, and the specific MIDI message sent from LP to host upon a trigger, and how the LP responds to MIDI messages from the host, MIDI channels used, etc. which MIDI port is used doesn't really matter (beyond port 3 being the one that is intended for the actual MIDI port on the LPPro rather than USB) - the only thing special about port 1 is that it is set up for communication with Ableton Live, and some device inquiry and response stuff happens automagically between the LP and Live. as a rule, i use port 2 unless i am in fact using Live.

as a degreed EE, a personal mantra is "RTFM", documentation exists for a reason. the Playtime manual has virtually nothing to say about using a LaunchPad Pro, beyond stating that it works and that its layout is ideally suited to use with Playtime.

the issue i was having had nothing to do with how i was using the LPPRo, the issue was a failure of Playtime to properly recall layouts saved from within Playtime.

what i discovered, through a bit of trial and error, is that if i do the trigger assignment BEFORE the clip assignment within Playtime, saved layouts recall/load correctly. if i do clip assignments before trigger assignments, layouts do not reload correctly. so a pretty easy 'fix', i just created a template which has no clip assignments but which has my preferred trigger assignments. once clip assignments are made and the new layout or template is saved within Playtime, it loads correctly down the road.
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