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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
The new AMD card is in. Its fans currently aren't going all the way down to 0 rpm; they're still spinning. But at that low speed (not doing anything like playing games) it's negligible for noise even with the case open. I actually have to have my head right near the video card to even notice if the fans are spinning, that's how quiet it is. I could look into that further but I might not bother, since it works fine by default (using the "stock" amdgpu driver in the kernel). It's a noticeable improvement over the noise caused by lowest rpm of the Nvidia GTX 860. I suspect once I get the new CPU cooler installed I'll barely be able to hear the computer at all.
The fact that Linux has a native driver that performs well is why I figure I'll switch at some point. I have a hoss nVidia gaming graphics video card with heat pipes and the 6 pin power stuff, but it was given to me by my gamer son when he got an even badder one for his machine. I'd have never bought that exotic of a video card because my demands could be met with much less GPU.

Playing games--the ones I play anyway--when the fans do spin up it's still pretty quiet. SuperTuxKart is the only game I care about for nice graphics (while keeping FPS at 75 or higher), and this card does it without breaking a sweat. I'm not into first-person shooters etc.; I had my fill of those shortly after the original Unreal game was released (forever ago). Anyway if you haven't played SuperTuxKart, I recommend it. Unlike the Mario Kart games, it does reward actual skill (the powerups get "weighted" a bit based on how far from the lead position you are, but it's not as bad as Mario Kart, plus you can protect against the "blue shell equivalent" to some degree, etc.); also you get a good feeling of speed in SuperTuxKart, which I don't notice at all in any Mario Kart games (which just make me feel like I'm floating around sightseeing). If you end up playing the game, let me know if you want a challenge sometime. It can be played online.
I really never play games, but have a few in Windows that require a hotrod video card. When my kid set me up with his gaming card, he also set me up with an EA Racing pack. I still have a high end force feedback joystick that sports military grade servo motors, and with the EA Racing games you feel the road, and other cars hitting you can almost bump the stick out of you hand. For a while I was into it, but I guess I'm just not a gamer any more.

Also I'm able to use different compositors without periodic minor graphics issues. The previous Nvidia card was pickier about that for some reason. I switched to Xfwm4+compton now.

The video issue I was having seems to be that Chromium doesn't play video as well as Firefox, with my monitor set at 75 Hz (set at 60 Hz though, it seems fine in both browsers). Plus also a couple of questionably-encoded videos that I have on my SSD. So that was unrelated to the GPU.

Oh something else a friend reminded me of: those X570 boards have a small fan on the chipset! That was the first thing that made me think "no thanks". Second was potential compatibility issues with Linux since they're so new. You know how smaller fans generally aren't good at being low noise. It's basically a laptop fan on the chipset. Unless you get to hear one in person, or unless you don't care about extra fan noise, I'd be wary.
My biggest reason for looking hard at X570 based motherboards is because that chipset was made to support all the features of the newest series of Ryzens. Every Intel based machine I've built (and that is a LOT of them), I always matched up the chipset with the CPU so that new technology with one would be supported by the other. It's been ten years since I built the DAW I'm planning to replace and the new machine will likely get a similar run. Linux will get better and better at supporting X570, and I'm still a month or two away from starting to buy parts coz I want to buy all the bare bones parts at once so I can get a core build going.
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