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Originally Posted by artao View Post
He already still accepts money for an addon he no longer supports.
He does not "deserve" money to add his idea to Reaper.
The Reaper devs can do it better anyhow.
Regardless, it's not like he has IP on that idea. He himself "stole" it from other software. "Stole" in quotes cuz you can't "steal" an idea.
He just implemented in Reaper what had already been implemented in other software.
He's apparently done with that now, so it's time for Cockos to take it up and put it in officially.
I would not be so harsh about helgo boss. He had a great idea an put it into my favorite DAW.
It lacks further development, thatīs true. But on the other hand it works as a clip launcher for 20 €.
I would hope that Justin might adopt this great idea into something natively provided by Reaper.
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