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Default JS "phase" variable

Thanks mschnell and Xenakios. You're both absolutely right. This is my first look at JS and I completely missed that phase line in @samples!

In the bigger picture, what I'm after is a phase correlation meter that shows more than just a hyperactive, flickering dot/slider showing the instantaneous phase (and "JS Channel Phase Meter" doesn't even show that, only "IN" and "OUT"). For example, Ozone's free Imager meter shows such a dot that floats between -1 and 1. I find myself watching it and trying to take a mental average of the value over the length of the song section I'm investigating. Why not have the meter compute/display such an average? I've not seen this in any of the JS or free meters out there.

So I programmed something in JS that seems to work. Phase correlation is calculated as done by LOSER and output to a slider at every 1024 samples. The slider mimics the Imager dot pretty well. But the program also calculates a running average of the phase correlation while song is playing, showing it in another slider. Finds the min & max correlation too. Seems to work OK. First, am I missing something in this approach?

Second, I've read that phase is calculated not as 1 or -1 based on sign(spl's) agreement, but as ArcTangent(spl0/spl1). Any comments on this is much appreciated.
I understand. At least I think I understand, which is the same thing... I think.
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