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Hmm, AU presets seem to be a bit different from VST presets. With VST presets they are just a bank you can edit how you want and the all get saved with the project. With AU presets they really seem to be just a list of fixed presets(!) which you can load into your plugin (REAPER won't even let you edit the titles).

If that's the correct behaviour, then it looks like it's all working.

I also changed MakePreset() so that there is a function you can implement to add your own stuff like the string I added:

void PlugExample::MakePresetState(ByteChunk *pChunk,va_list vp) {
	// handle the first variable arg to MakePreset()
	char *s = (char *) va_arg(vp, char * );
	// now handle all the other args (the parameters)
That's the best way I could think of...
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