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Well Ive done a little shootout with 32v64bit.

Vista 64bit Home Premium
Intel 920 i7
Asus P6T SE
12 gig RAM
Nvidia Quadro 1800
Latest downloads of Reaper

42 tracks
43 VST effects (no Cockos FX, all high end plugs from Abbey Road, Stillwell, Tubetech and Ubik)

Streaming pluggins:
EZ Drummer with Vintage Rock expansion
Guitar Rig 4 x 2 instances

External MIDI sync to my Yamaha MOTIF on one track

32bit ran at around 18-24% CPU, using 800MB odd of RAM. FX use around 23-25%
64bit ran around 5-7% CPU. 580MB RAM odd. FX used around 18-22%

Interesting results. 64bit is the clear winner as it uses nearly 1/3 as much CPU power to run the same project. However, some of my plugins needed to run in bridged mode (EZDrummer, GT4 and a number of others).

My question is why do both versions show me having 12gig of RAM available, I thought 32bit only allowed 4gig max? Its also quite annoying how bridged x86 FX float outside the FX window (I found they kept disappearing on me, only to be found floating under Reaper, sometimes stacked 2 or 3 high as I had opened them often).

But I guess thats some indication of how good 64bit is. I think the upgrade is defiantly worth it.
Feel free to ask any questions about the shoot out, or if there is any other details or data you would like to see.



(Attached zip has full rez screen shots)
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