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Default A suggestion taking on board the above comments

The mods still mod but we have a layer of social modding too in the lounge.

Say 5 or six folks gong your post it is deleted. You can complain to a mod who then decides. They do anyway.If you are gonged too much by different people then the mods can ban you for a time if they agree with the group moderation.

This would free the moderators up a bit and be fun for the collective consciousness (or conscience). If it is reserved for really extreme stuff then lively debate will still go on as it always has.

The rationale is that it is a music software production forum, at its core, and that can bring out tempers and extreme opinions but most of us do not want to read troll posts or really out there hate stuff.

This could be coupled with the great suggestion for a password. That also prevents those that may have had a bit too much substance abuse from saying things they may later regret.
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