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Originally Posted by danerius View Post
Im basically superconcious of stuttering audio playback wich in my head is my computer shuffling samples + MIDI and trying to play them in sync. But maybe thats something else?
Shuffling, as in mixing the order they should be in? No...

It's all about buffers. When the computer reads an audio file, it reads a piece of it into a buffer, a temporary storage. Reading a file from a hard drive is sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but the output of the buffer that we hear must be exactly 44100 (or 48000 etc) times per second. If the reading of the file happens too slow, the buffer gets empty and the output of the buffer is suddenly zero. That is a stutter.

In an audio plugin that utilizes buffers, the input and output speeds of the buffer are the same, so the plugin itself won't stutter. But if there are too many calculations that should be made and the computer can't make them in time, the output of the buffer is slower than 44100 per second. That too is a stutter.

It's like a photo editor missing a deadline while the newspaper should already be in the press!
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