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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post

It uses the value returned, but it does not currently clamp it, it just adds the delta and proceeds no matter the value.

With the new range feature the value will be clamped to the range.

Buttons as well! Cool

Ok, the returned value. We'll still be able to use the stepped approach for manufacturers whose plugins don't always return values correctly (or even at all) ACUSTICA THIS MEANS YOU!!

Thanks for doing this Geoff. The more plugins I've mapped, the more I realise the auto/control implementation in them is very much the poor relation

The only other thing I had on my mind is whether a straight 1:1 relationship between inc/dec controller and stepped value change might be a bit fine for some surfaces. On the C4/MCU it's probably ok because the rotaries are detented, so changing by one tick is ok if you're careful, but on others where the rotaries are smooth it might come across a bit uncontrollable. Is this a parameter we could set?
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