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Originally Posted by Cragster View Post
Learn mode window pops up when i press some transport buttons like play. Stop. Record.they all work but also invoke the window to pop up. Took a quick peek at my zone file and they are all coded for the action then next line will say something like "play reaper s&m cyclation _4".im using poetnprophet zone file and haven't had a chance to give a go at changing anything yet .and the stop and record are also have that s&m cyclation. Is this whats telling the learn mode window to pop up when i press these buttons ?
hey, the Learn mode is mapped to one of the Blank buttons, i forget which one but its on the far right side of the surface.

i have mapped many buttons to custom actions, so where ever you see cycle action or reaper action you may want to disable that and put your own there.

Also some of those, such as many transport buttons, are mapped twice for dual functions (such as play action will also toggle mute of the talkback track). You can disable the separate actions.

I think the learn window will come up if there are errors in the mappings that don't correspond to actual reaper actions. So for instance the custom cycle action that you don't have will cause the error and open the learn window.

You can put a / at beginning of the line to disable that line and action
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