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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Not sure if this might help you out but the EuCon build works a little differently at the moment. You tell CSI how many Eucon faders you want (a maximum number), regardless of how many you'll use in your project. So you say "I want 48 faders" and that's what you get. So if you only had 9 tracks, you'd get a bank of 8, and a bank of 1, followed by 39 empty faders. Not sure if that approach could benefit your situation, but it's something CSI is already doing elsewhere.
I think this behavior would be ideal. I don't see however how to set up this behavior in a MIDI surface.

I think the Pin command would be something good to use but i have no idea how it works and there is no documentation about it anywhere.

Also the NoAction command appears to block a button in all zones.

Zone Home
	OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets

Zone "Buttons|"
 Shift Shift
 Shift+Rec {ReaperCommand}

Zone "Channel|"
 Shift NoAction
As I figure it out this setup should allow me to use Shift Button on the buttons from the "Buttons| "zone but not in the "Channel|" zone. Right? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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