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Today is the first time ever I used NinJam ( and the first time I jammed for that matter ).
So much fun !!

And indeed such a different genre of music ( I think someone called it funk? no idea..) from what I normally play. Which basicly is pop rock with a hint of blues or classical every now and then.

But I went to the forum looking for something like this.
Piano here by the way and I find 1 chord or alternating between 2 gets boring quickly.

I would really LOVE to have someone shout the upcoming chord at me, but I can not record piano ( through line in ) and mic ( speaking, mic in ) at the same time I think ??
(and when I tell ninjam to record everything that goes through my on-board soundcard I get this horrible loud feedback hum).

Would it be possible to sort of import a song with lyrics and chords from one of the popular guitar chord archive sites, hit start (have a 1 measure count in?), start playing and then everyone sees something running along at the top ?
(note: I am NO programmer, so have no clue of how difficult what I'm asking for is to implement).
Sort of like a karaoke but with chords.
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