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Default good thread...

[QUOTE=norelpref]At times..."open mic night"...and there's very little convergence or intentional synergy. Sometimes I like this, actually.[QUOTE/]

"convergence of intentional energy" is just what is expected when people are improvising together, but I'm sure we can do it with our hearts and minds and ears. when someone comes in and ruins your jam, have a sense of humor. this is public folks.

it might be fun to have themed rooms, but what fresher sounds could be heard than by combining rare forms? merge people.

It's not a competition FFS. Granted I've had to walk away many times b/c of what you've described, but then it makes finding sympatico so much sweeter : a deeper connection based on the final frontier: the mind. and one time it was with a deathmetalhead : and it was wunnafullawunnaful.

extended chat capabilities has been on my mind too - like when I had an event people who were listening wanted to chat with the players in the studio. that would have been fun, but could be a pain in the ass too.

Anyways, I'm not sure about looking at any friggin' traffic light thingys to tell me when or what to play - okay I'll try it.

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