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Default I agree this thing needs organization

I have played in bands for the past five years. I am brand new to ninjam and think it attracts good talent but i think it needs more structure. I play tenor and bari sax and would love to lkay down some funk beats with people. but as it is now, anyone can jump in and take over just when you get thing hopping!! Does anyone know where the more advanced,ADULT NINJAMMER GOES AND PLAYS??? maybe ill setup a server if you all will come and play with me??? We will agree on a key and a tempo and what parts go where. Instead of open season...

Originally Posted by meatbits
someone mentioned using a whiteboard, which got me thinking about communications during a jam, and about jams in ninjam.

ninjam seems to favor the "two-chord plod-along" family of jam, and i think that's because this result is kind of encouraged by the bar-latency feature. people will "lock on" to those chords in a few bars.

it's no criticism, just an observation: this propogates a samey-ness to the cord structures of many jams. this could be addressed:

i suggest something to emulate that feature of the real-time location-coherent jam: the time-honored tradition of shouting out an upcoming chord change.

this might be implemented as an admin feature. a segmented box appears above the clock progress bar in all running clients. the segments inside that box would correspond to / represent future bars coming up. these box segments would contain labels displaying chord notations and the segments should be colored to indicate their status: (green)playing now, (yellow)starting in 1 bar, (pink) starting in 4 bars.

so as not to have the admin unduly clicking, the chordshout input should be one-handed by implementing a right-click leading to a popup of chord choices. this way, the admin could quickly load up instructions to the "band" for future bars. as little as "shouting out" one or two new chords or dictating lots of the future by spelling out several changes.

it would also be important to be able to store and recall groupings of bars. it would be mind-blowing to lead various combinations of musicians through arrangements.

better still if this "shouter" role were hand-offable.

i'll shut up now

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