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Default this delay thing you speak of...

harmono, I enjoyed your treatise. after playing my first ninjam session tonight, I must say that:

a) it was really fucking cool... justin and brennan - you guys rock!
b) there definitely needs to be a way to organize these jams better

isn't it true that the music you hear from each other player is just the previous bar of music that they played? that's what would imply. if this is the case, then we should be able to write some interesting compositions that actually take advantage of this.

if anyone is interested in playing like this (ie. with some concrete ideas for a structure discussed beforehand) - please contact me and lemme know when you want to play. email me ( progressions or ideas you're interested in trying and I'll post them online along with some of my own ideas. I'm into the jazzy/funk/fusion stuff, happy enough to get ambient, trippy or electronic but not really a metal fan...


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