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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Soloing the bus along with its child does in fact make a difference (media on the bus) -- for what you want, you could make a child which holds the sidechain receive, and then if you want to hear just the bass with the sidechain, you would solo the bass and sidechain receive.
Thanks Justin, I have to agree though - it should (and used to) work that way natively and is a downgrade behaviour currently.

Another use case that is now not possible: printing stems through the Folder FX. Previously, you could solo the child, select the folder, and Render Track Post-Fader on the folder and you'd get the ducking printed on the render. Then move to the next child, repeat, and you end up with your stems printed with the correct ducking from the folder sc compressor. I had custom actions to do all of this super-fast that all break with this new solo behaviour...they print the other folder fx fine but don't process receives, so no ducking.

I hear you regarding Soloing Child and Folder playing the folder media -- but not sure of the logic on why the just the Child pulls receives and not the folder if they are both in-place soloed?

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