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Originally Posted by mawi View Post
For me it doesn't make sense to switch off the sidechain on a folder when I switch a track within a folder to solo. This is inconsistent, because then all FXs and sends on the folder would have to be switched off. I don't want that behavior. If I don't want to hear a sidechain, I simply turn off the sidechain. This is simpler and more consistent for me.
If I'm being honest, this makes Some sense to me. However in any case, I think it's super important to be able to listen both With sidechain on the folder, and Without sidechain. The new behaviour at least gives us that.

What seems MOST consistent would be this:

Solo (in place) on a Track would solo the FULL routing chain. That includes track sends and receives, and folder sends and receives, and master fx. If you solo the bass, you'd hear the bass with sidechain ducking if it's on the folder.

Solo (ignore routing) on a Track would solo ONLY the track. You'd still hear it through its parent(s) and master fx, but sends/receives would not be heard. If you solo (ignore routing) the bass, you'd just hear the bass.

In the case of a Folder, the above takes care of it too! Let's say you want to hear the INST bus with it's sidechain receive -- Solo (in place). If you want to hear the folder WITHOUT it, Solo (ignore routing).

The one weird thing is that technically, a folder relies directly on routing to behave like a bus - so the "ignore routing" mode would imply Ignore External Routing.

...this isn't easy.
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