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Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH I have needed this for so long. It has baffled me since day 1 that this is not included natively. In some way, I hate you for doing this because now Justin can just point to this when people bitch about it.

Imo if you can stretch audio, a complex series of sample values, then having tools for stretching much more basic values like CC is a no-brainer.

The way Cubase does it is absolutely perfect as far as I'm concerned. And I'm sure there's other DAWs with equally useable tools.
In fact, one of the reasons why I wrote these scripts is to try and convince Cockos to include these (and other) basic CC editing capabilities as built-in Actions and mouse modifiers.

I have submitted the Feature Request: Let's hope it gets a positive response!
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