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Default FX Bay - Replace in project - All instances (FIXED)

There seems to be something wrong with the behaviour of the option "Replace in project - All instances". The explanations in the manual and indeed the reasoning behind it is quite simple, but I havenīt been able to get satisfactory results. I made a little test project to ask about this :

Three tracks, each one with this FX chain :


Iīve got another plug available and retained in the FX bay :


In the project bay, if I choose to replace in project all instances of ReaControlMidi with ReaFir, for example, I get this :

Track 1 :


Fine! It worked on this track

Track 2 :


It doesnīt seem to have made something on this one

Track 3 :


It changed ReaEQ instead (!). Am I losing something?

You can try it on this simple test project :

And vote here if you could replicate it :

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