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Originally Posted by manley View Post
The problem im finding is that im pegging meters in the analogue chain & anything i place on Reapers Master bus within the project effects the analogue meters in a bad way unless i turn down the mix to a very low level

My mixing levels are not over loud OR ridiculous
I do it that way:
- I set up folder tracks (with icons/colour) with the respective hardware outputs - NO master/parent send of course
- I then just drag the tracks that I want to route to e.g. console channel 5-6 into the folder track

I don't understand why levels are culminating that much. What is a "non-ridicoulous" level for you? And what is a "very low level"?

EDIT: why do you place anything at all on Reapers MASTER bus??? Your master is the console's stereo buss!?!?
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