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Originally Posted by planetnine View Post
I think your mixer is set up to have main outputs on 31 & 32, but I don't know how REAPER will default -prob outs 1 & 2 as suggested above. Do you know how it is sent?

Get familiar with that desk's routing and your gain-staging first and mix ITB. You can try the more ambitious tasks when you're more confident -you've got a lot to absorb Sean

I usually just change the routing on Reapers mst buss & route to where i want then return the ch back into reaper

How do i render ITB without involving the console though??

Ive no problems mixing in Reaper it's the rendering of the stereo mix OR master without involving the console i don't get, The console is my mast buss

Unless that's what JP is explaining...but im not getting it

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