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Default So it is you !

Hello sir ! ^^
Thank you for your comment , very pleasant .
And yeah , i think cool things should arrive , step by step .

First , i give to you my modified source of the Ninjamcast program ,
it is located in the .rar archive inside of " ninjam " directory :
I have also provided inside the libs that the visual project ( here vc9) uses to link .( libogg,libvorbis,wdl)
So that this will be easier for you to quick make it , but you will have to change the includes and libs paths in the project's option i guess .

ANyway , there is also a release that you can use out of the box , located
in " ninjamcast-win32.rar\ninjam\ninjamcast\Release "

But you must configure it properly , and there is a good introduction
and setup done by AndyMc long time ago , that i actually use .
Look at the " Ninjamers_NINJAM_Server_Setup_v006 " attachement below ...
And follow the instructions to setup ninjamserver+ninjamcast .

I just succeeded to setup an icecast2 server on my local EasyPhp network ,
that is working like a charm !
Pc 1 is running Reaper+reaninjam , with icecast2 server , ninjamserver and
ninjamcast .

Pc2 is just a radio listener ...

That is cool , but i wanted to send the ninjamcast's stream to a FREE online server , this one :

Really cool , but .. not working with ninjamcast as source : Raaah ^^
In fact , there is a " connection fuct " caused by an incomplete http request , where some data are missing , like the mount point and other little details that are needed for the connection on their site ...

So i document myself about the icecast2 protocol , and i've found that :

I will have to add some lines i guess in that section of code :
(njcast.cpp line 121 )
 switch (state) {
    case CONNECTING: {
      conn = new JNL_Connection(JNL_CONNECTION_AUTODNS,65536,65536);
      conn->connect(sc_address.Get(), sc_port+1);

      char buf[4096];
      sprintf(buf, "%s\r\n", g_sc_pass);
      // send pw
      if (conn->send_string(buf) < 0) {
printf("send pass fail\n");
        return 0;	// try again
    state = WAITFOROK;
When done , i will end up with a radio station that schedules live rehearsal
for example , or even live concerts from ninjam !
nice ...

Are you saying that you can transfer MIDI through ninjam to other players? :-O I would love this
eh eh .
Not now my friend , but i understand your request , and that should be possible in a near future ( lets open a new thread for that ? done ->
Edit : look at the screenshot of my actual work with ninjam standalone
to see the actual state of dev , midi in not coded yet !

Okay , i hope that stuff will work for you , let me know ?
cheers !
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