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Originally Posted by Slapclap View Post
Hi, I was inspired to purchase Faderport because of this thread, my new Faderport arrived yesterday, when I opened the CD wallet this morning to install the driver software, the damn CD was in two halves, downloaded faderport _135_617 software, but it seems to want to install Firmware and I assume, the device is already up to date and so the installation stalls, was "_135_617" the software you updated your driver from or am I barking up the wrong tree? I've contacted Presonus support, but it looks like it may be a couple of days before they respond and I'm sort of itching to get going, could you point me to a driver download please.
1.3.8 should be the best choice or better said, many who upgraded to 1.3.5 ended up with fader issues and 1.3.8 fixed those issues....
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