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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Are you on Windows? You should be able to run FaderPort_135_617.exe but don't run the Firmware installer that occurs after the driver install? Does it revert if you allow it to install the driver but cancel out of the Firmware check? 1.3.8 is a Firmware package only btw. It is also probably possible to extract the driver from FaderPort_135_617.exe then browse to it to update the driver bypassing the Firmware check altogether.
Yes I'm on Windows 8.1 thank you kindly, I'll try that,, I have to go to work shortly, so won't be able to attempt it until tomorrow, but it's the driver I need, I downloaded Your\Nimaj patches along with 1.3.8 in anticipation, hoping for a quick set up, then I received the broken CD and can't run the driver install, once again, thanks for the help, you're a Gent!just hope I can extract the driver like you say, will see tomorrow.
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