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Thanks karbomusic for the original mods (I've been using it and loving it for the last few years) and thanks to The_Nimaj for all of these new updates (fantastic additions!).

Two problems I have encountered so far that I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on....

1. The Intro lights don't work for me even although ENABLE_INTRO=1 is set in the ini file. When is this supposed to come up? When Reaper first initializes the device upon loading Reaper?

2. When I press Output it doesn't select the Master track anymore. ACTION_OUTPUT=1 is set in my ini file. Does anyone else have this issue?

FYI, I'm running Reaper 5.15 pre4 x64 atm I have 1.3.8 firmware on the faderport.

EDIT: Both problems happen on MAC and Windows version of Reaper for me (64-bit)


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