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Originally Posted by Brado231 View Post
Thanks karbomusic for the original mods (I've been using it and loving it for the last few years) and thanks to The_Nimaj for all of these new updates (fantastic additions!).
Two problems I have encountered so far that I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on....
Fixed and updated along with an important bug fix.

Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
I'm experiencing errors when a parameter has envelope.

I have a delay, and are unabel to select feedback for the Faderport fader, as it holds onto another parameter that has envelope.
When I add an envelope for feedback, there sound like conflicting messages to the fader, like to motors going in different directions.
This is the important bug fix (hopefully). Also I missed your more recent post about the tooltip. I will try to fix ASAP (tomorrow if I get time), sorry about that.

EDIT: Actually the tooltip was related to the conflicting fader messages bug. So it may, in fact, be fixed.
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