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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
I faded it exactly like the original studio cut, because I think they faded it for a reason.
I don't think I ever actually listened to the studio cut. I gave a half-ass view of the video just to get a quick indication of what I'd be working on and never listened to the other or watched the video again. I didn't want a subconscious target before trying to find my own way.

Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
There is/was. It's more that to identify those things (in that song anyway) you have to more view it from a performance perspective, not so much a technical mixing perspective. The spotlights in that track would be in and out pretty fast, nothing really lingering.

The thing I dislike most about modern pop is how "level" everything is. If you listen to old R&B you'll notice things (correctly) occasionally jumping out at you, as what actually happens in live music. This is not me talking btw, this is from people much better than me, one of their common critiques of "our" mixes, that they're static, and lifeless.
This is exactly how I always feel about my own mixes, kind of "static and lifeless." I partially attribute it to laziness. I mean, intellectually, I know I need to create some more movement throughout the mix, but too lazy to do all that automation. I guess that's why I only try to present myself to others as someone who can mix you a really good sounding demo.

I always begin my process as "Mr Fix It." I try to eliminate all the crap that I hate or find distracting first before anything else, well, along with organizing/setting up my folders. It seems like by the time I get through all the Mr Fix It that I've lost much perspective and enthusiasm for any more tedious automation-type work.

Ultimately, I haven't really done enough mixing to get to that next level yet, I think.
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