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Originally Posted by Faderjockey View Post
Thanks.. Yep I know it's the ASIO issue I can see that in the logs.
If you set things up so that it creates a crash dump, justin can probably look and see the problem. The quickest way if you are PC savvy is to just download procdump, attach it, then zip and make the dump available to Justin.

There are two ways to do it, mini dump which will result in a much smaller dump and likely enough for Justin - full dump which is the entire memory footprint of reaper. Here are the commands to attach..

-Launch Reaper

-CD to where you extracted procdump.exe

-Attach procdump to reaper and monitor for a crash...

Mini Dump: procdump -e reaper.exe c:\temp\reaper.dmp

Full Dump: procdump -e -ma reaper.exe c:\temp\reaper.dmp

-Do what you do to cause the crash and the dump will be written to the path you specified in the command. I can peek at it but chances are what matters will be in reaper code that I don't have symbols for. You can probably configure the OS to do this minus procdump but this is a little faster as I know it from memory.
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