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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
If you take a look at the whole history down to year 988, Russia (also Soviet Union, Empire, Rus) never invaded/broke other contries. I laugh when someone says Russia take Crimea, because 95% people in Crimea are russians, and this place itself was Ukranian from 1954 only formally. But Europe people mostly thinking "Russians occupy everything they want/need". So I wouldnt use "hostile" term for anything related to Russians...
Don't really like to talk much about politics, but i can't just skip it, i know, most people from RF are very kind and smart, as you are, i don't have hate on them, even if some of them talk shit about us, but i want to say, that you're totally wrong on this one. Speaking of Soviet Union, undeniable invasions are into Poland and Finland, speaking for RF, it's Georgia, and i don't even touch other periods of history, you can justify, but it was still an invasion with a lot of people killed and territory occupied.

Crimea...special forces of RF invaded into Crimea, raided the government's building, everyone from officials, who were against occupation were exported from Crimea to Ukraine, everyone who decided to support the idea of annexation by RF started to prepare illegal referendum and propaganda, including mass media of RF. Not 95% , but i think somewhere 70-80% really wanted to join RF, i don't deny it, also propaganda about ukrainian nazi killing everyone, who speaks russian and eat their children forced a lot of people to think about going into RF, in fact, nobody came into Crimea and nobody killed anyone, it was so stupid propaganda, i don't understand how people believe in it. No matter what was in Crimea it doesn't justify invasion of RF's forces, breaking all the world's rules and agreements, if you think there were "nazi", ok, than RF's government needed to raise that question in United Nations and mass media of all world, to create peacekeeping mission and so on, but no, they've done , what they've done. If legitimate ukrainian referendum was done, i will be honest with you, i would definitely voted for joining of Crimea to RF, i don't mind, because russians and ukrainians were always like brothers, we share the same history partially and came from one nation in the far past, but now i count most of the Crimean as traitors.

I don't count Bandera as a hero and i don't like what my government is doing now, all that borrowed money from IMF is not good and so on, but what RF is doing in my country is just unacceptable.
There is no regular army of RF in Ukraine in Donbas, but there are their military equipment, enginery, money, volunteers/mercenaries. All this war in Donbas is sponsored by RF, and propaganda in mass media is made to get more volunteers/mercenaries to go to Ukraine. If RF will close the borders with pseudorepublics in Donbas, will stop to "donate" them and will stop to give military vehicles - the war will end in few months.

Ukraine was always a marionette of RF, now it loses Ukraine, they couldn't stop Ukraine diplomatically, so they decided to turn back Ukraine in the field of influence of RF by force. Non of russian people are killed in other part of Ukraine, by the way i'm speaking russian too, know a lot of people, who speaks russian and i live in western Ukraine, my father is a Soviet man in mind, hates everything ukrainian, and none of us were hurt not even a single time, i never heard someone talking something bad to me.
So almost everything mass media of RF shows/talks about us on their TV is a bullshit, at least in 99% of cases.

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