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Default Video Codecs & Engine Performance

Hello video forum, I've made a similar thread in general discussion but I realize I might get more feedback here.

Yesterday, I had to go back to Cubase 9.5 to work on a publicity for a client and was blown away by the fast responsiveness of the video engine. I've only been a REAPER user for a few weeks now and I love everything about it. Except the video engine performance.

In general, the options to edit and export videos are far more advance than Cubase's and that is awesome. But the playback and navigation performance are very far from awesome. Using the DNxHD codecs with Cubase (who charged me an AVID licence to use) make navigation and seeking through video a buttery and smooth experience I cannot seem to get in REAPER no matter what codecs and settings are use.

Exemple : In REAPER, I've made an action to jog left and right by 8 pixels. I then use that action by holding the associated command to jog continuously left or right. Well the results are that the video window blacks out until I reach a stopping point. Same thing happens if I drag the cursor too fast (which is not fast at all).

So are any of you having more success with other engines, codecs, & resolutions? VLC is free but wouldn't mind having to pay for an engine if that meant I could leave Cubase behind for good.
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