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Yes, that's a big problem in my opinion. wwwmaze also posted some thought about it as this seems just not logical.
The workaround would be to lay such a track at the end of the track stack but that doesn't work for all situations. An example would be if you want blur only on one track while other tracks also are visible. This blurry track has to be the last in the stack if not everything below also will be blurred. But if one of the other track also has something special which affects the whole stack you get stuck here.

The best thing would be, if only folders would be mixing everything together while separate tracks keep their effects on their own. Or this needs kind of an divider/separator. Or there must be a separate input definition in the programming language which only allows one track input without blend possibility. For blur or something like that it would be a great option. But I have no idea how this could be done.

for the moment I can't find where wwwmaze wrote his thought about that. Will edit the post if I have found it.
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