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Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
I have noticed that once the basics of coding started to feel natural, I was able to start thinking in code as well. Meaning that I was able to isolate the parts of what I want to achieve, and more importantly approach the goal through thinking how it would be best achieved in code.
Yep. And I am not there yet

Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
IObviously the code can’t look into the future. But that doesn’t mean the end result is not achieveable! I don’t know how to explain how linear time can be harnessed in code, but let me try to open some analogies I use.
Awrite. Now I get it. I thought DAWs had the ability to look ahead in time. Makes sense to delay everything else. So I guess youd have to set pdcdelay to the full length of the averaging. And then find a way to have everything play back in time? Wich sounds like all the other tracks needs to involved?

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