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Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
So the sample we wrote to mem slot ”0” will only be played back after ”buffer” goes back to zero, which takes 10 samples in the above example. Meanwhile we can process the samples stored in any or all of the mem slots. Set PDC to 10 as well, and other tracks will also hold the samples for 10 samples before output, so the tracks are still in perfect sync. Just 10 samples late.
First of all. All this help is very much appreciated

So - in my head. Averaging at a midpoint of all these samples is gonna require quite a novel concept. And its one that I cant see a way of doing. Yet... This plugin idea needs to take samples ahead, but also back in time. For example: Five samples ahead plus five samples back and then playing that back at its midpoint. A pdc_delay plus regular delay isnt gonna do that?

On a sidenote. Ive borrowed this concept from image processing. Specifically Blurring. Wich looks at the pixels surrounding the pixel to be processed and averages that. Just as in audio - theres high and low frequencies + dynamics in images. If we boldy swap the concept of pixels for samples. Image processing has a number of different and very interesting manners to massage those. I havent found anyone using these methods in audio. At least that I know of.

Images has the upside of being static in time. So you can cross process pixels all you want and your computer will be fine with it. With audio, samples operate in a now-specific-time-paradigm. I dont know if theres a way to navigate around that?

Best regards /danerius

Edit.... Maybe you could use one method of averaging for samples ahead? Plus a different one for the samples back in time? Like a Weighted Average first and then an Exponential Smoothing...?

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