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I realize that this thread is marked as solved, I am simply offering another solution.

Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Hi Y'all hoping to pick a brain with more knowledge than my own about Editing Themes.
I've been messing about with Default_Commala_5 trying to add a few extra fader colours. which I actually managed to do.
But I've noticed that the track panel layout menu doesn't scroll and is missing the last 4 layout options if I use the
"right click on strip>Track Layout>Track Panel"
or from main menu
"track>Track Layout>Track Panel".
If I use
"Options>Layouts>Track Panel" I can see everything correctly.

Mixer layouts work perfectly in all.

Any idea what i need to do?
This is a posted as a bug in the bug reports. I have posted a follow-up showing that you can virtually have TOO MANY layouts if you want to,
you simply need to have a good ordering system.

@Freex - I am glad you found a workaround by removing some layouts - however, if you reverted to your original RTCONFIG and just placed an ordering component at the beginning of all layout names (See below), you
would regain all of your 'pan @ the bottom' layouts and have access to your new layouts, and more.
Expo: The user that posted the bug was experiencing a problem where a MAX
of 17 layouts showed up in the TR Layout selection menu. His layouts had sort of a numbered system but some layouts shared the numbers and each layout did not have it's own unique Identifier.
Below is my follow up post to the bug report:

Originally Posted by Never View Post
From what I can see the problem you are having is with the layout numbering. REAPER, from my experience anyway, only looks so far into the layout name for an ordered qualifier. Example - WT's V5 Imperial has 18 layouts under track heading and all 18 show up under all of the various places.
Your layouts need to have a different order to them and you can have as many as you can visibly stand. Example:

A1---Long Name (Blue)
A2---Med Name (Red)
A3---Short Name (Violet)
B1---Folder (Blue)
B2---Folder (Red)
B3---Folder (Violet)

And you can add layouts later.....

A1---Long Name (Blue)
A1.1---Long Name NO METER (Blue)
A2---Med Name (Red)
A3---Short Name (Violet)
B1---Folder (Blue)
B1.1---Folder NO METER (Blue)
B2---Folder (Red)
B3---Folder (Violet)

I have taken WT's Imperial V5 and added lots of TR layouts just to be shure of my theory....having a good layout ordering system w/ room to add is key to getting what you want.

Context Menu:

Options Menu:

Track Menu:

Screenset Menu:

The proof is in the pudding!!
(Screenset menu is scrolled down to see the last entry, but they are all there.)
Also, there are no layouts mysteriously deleted from other categories lol.
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