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Originally Posted by Never View Post
I realize that this thread is marked as solved, I am simply offering another solution.

This is a posted as a bug in the bug reports. I have posted a follow-up showing that you can virtually have TOO MANY layouts if you want to,
you simply need to have a good ordering system.

@Freex - I am glad you found a workaround by removing some layouts - however, if you reverted to your original RTCONFIG and just placed an ordering component at the beginning of all layout names (See below), you
would regain all of your 'pan @ the bottom' layouts and have access to your new layouts, and more.
Expo: The user that posted the bug was experiencing a problem where a MAX
of 17 layouts showed up in the TR Layout selection menu. His layouts had sort of a numbered system but some layouts shared the numbers and each layout did not have it's own unique Identifier.
Below is my follow up post to the bug report:
Nice detective work! I always assumed there was some sort of limit in the track menu...
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