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Originally Posted by serr View Post
Right away though...
This T2 chip business. It sounds like the M.2 SSDs for example are going to be proprietary and NOT standard M.2! Everything will be geared towards preventing 3rd party repair. The marketing brochure calls this security. So... a weird machine both aimed at raw 4k & 8k video editing and CIA agent work simultaneously. Or something. Preventing 3rd party repair basically.
There are three sides to the M2.

One is positive. Apple controls booting and disk encryption in the T2. It means that if the machine gets stolen, the thief can't get to your data and he can't wipe the disk and install another OS. Whatever OS, on whatever disk. Renders the machine completely useless.

The other one is negative. If the machine dies, chances of data recovery are next to nihil. Third party repair is impossible atm. Let's wait and see what the courts in Norway decide, for a start.

And the third one is neutral, to me. Apple is a bank. The T2 will also secure money transfers and logon. That's mostly a good thing, even if Apple has Goldman-Sachs as a partner.

EDIT. I think the M2 SSD's are standard. You can replace them, provided you can get them. But you'd still need to tell the T2 about them. And that's one thing we don't know, yet.
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