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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
Questions for anyone here developing AAX plugins. I am just getting started with AAX and have obtained the necessary licenses and tools from both Avid and Pace. I am trying to digest all the documentation for “digital signing” but it’s quite overwhelming.

Two basic things are not clear to me:

1) how do the digital signing certs get to my customers? Do I need to develop an installer package with iLok - are the certs automatically tied to Pro Tools - or what? Neither Pace nor Avid seem to explain how to DISTRIBUTE the “signed” plugin.

2) are the digital certs only required at the time the customer purchases my plugin - or do I have to maintain (pay for) these certs year-after-year to keep the delivered plugins working?

Appreciate any input!
1. when signed, certificate is embeeded into your AAX plugin
2. signed plugins will not expire, even if certificate which was used for signing, has expired (in any case, you must have valid certificate to sign your plugin)

If you are developing AAX plugins for macOS, you should enroll in Apple developer program ($99 per year) - then you can obtain macOS signing certificate from Apple. Additionally, you can export this certificate to .p12 format and use it for signing AAX plugins on Windows without extra cost.

Hope it helps!
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