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Originally Posted by WarringtonCJ View Post
I think this is probably one of the better mixes I've done (feel free to destroy it) but the main thing bothering me is the snare. I seem to get it to really pop. Currently i have a wide q eq boost on the snare track at around 200hz for body and then some compression going on on the actual bus taming the snare a bit (about 2-3 GR). Also running a p-comp in tandem with it. Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated
I can hear the snare just fine. And I'm listening on a single bluetooth earbud.

Can you be more specific about what's bothering you? I'm not certain what it is you'd prefer to hear.

I can see it being a bit too peaky or clicky, if that makes sense.

I would avoid big boosts in the eq.

Rather, I'd encourage you to cut the sounds you don't like, then see where you're at.

After that, any boosts that are needed will be much easier to hear.

That's a very tightly-packed mix/arrangement. Frequency masking will absolutely be an issue. Subtractive eq is your friend here.
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