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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Agreed. It sounds good to me but if you want it to be more noticeable, it could be due to how you've compressed it (or "transient-enhanced" it). You might want a more punchy sound with less snap on the attack. I find ReaComp works well for this (not so much for the snappier sound, so I'm guessing you're not using ReaComp on the snare as the main compressor). Check the attached image for a setting that might work. Adjust threshold so it's getting around 6dB gain reduction (then adjust "wet" as the output level). You can also reduce the knee size to make it hit more like a hammer.

One of the key components to making loud/in-your-face compression is a somewhat fast release time.
I guess I could be a bit more specific.

Snare Track:
Nothing here but an EQ boosting a bit of 200hz.

Using a distressor clone to obliterate it then high passing it.

Snare Bus:
Mostly there to just sum the snare and pcomp but apparently i cut 650hz out of it for some reason I don't remember.

Drum Bus:
EQ with some small moves done to balance out the overall kit

SSL G384 compressor clone with the side-chain HPF engaged at around 150hz (so the compressor ignores the kick drum basically) hitting about 2/3 GR on snare hits. Im not infront of my desk to tell you the exact settings but its pretty fast on both settings. The attack is a tad slower than the release.

Limiter, which isn't really doing much. It's a couple db of GR every now and then with really hard hits.
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