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Originally Posted by netphreak View Post
Let's say you have a ReaperOSC file with DEVICE_FX_PARAM_COUNT 48. If you have a VST with more than 48 fxparam's, wetdry is not received - because it's always listed *after* all other fxparam's! Some of my VST's have several hundred fxparam's, and I can't raise DEVICE_FX_PARAM_COUNT to let's say 500... It would take forever with 50+ tracks.

Why is such an important fxparam like wetdry last in line? Suggestions for workaround?
The wet/dry you mention is not part of the parameter set of the plugin but it's a Reaper parameter so it's appended to the FX parameters. I think this is how it should be, remember that most FX plugin already have their own 'mix' parameter. The Reaper FX wet/dry parameter is available as a separate addressable value but unfortunately this does not work.
You can switch FX parameter banks to get at the next 48, or get the previous bank and thus get to the end of the parameters. It depends on what you're trying to achieve, can you use smaller banks or do you really need to get a lot of paramaters at once?
Do you have a design for your controller with a list of requirements?
For my controller I decided on getting 48 parameters at once because this covers my needs and I'm of the opinion that FX plugins that have more parameters are of limited usefulness because the sheer number of parameters distracts from actually making music (or even just sound).
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