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Originally Posted by netphreak View Post
I completely agree on the number of fxparam's, maybe 48 is even over the top...

My "complain" here is: why is not Reaper's parameteres listed before the plugin? I mean, there's only a few anyway...

Yes, looping banks until the names of fxparam's starts to display as "" is a possibility, but there's a lot of extra code just to ensure wet/dry is always available for every plugin.

My controller designs are not final, I need to get a grip on what OSC can offer, or if I have to mix in MIDI. Basic idea is a combination of two controllers - foot controller, and hand controller (foot switches to use while playing, and hand controller between songs).

Gerrit - you're a massive resource to this subforum Maybe I will be one day as well. Thanks!
Thanks, it's my hope that the usage of OSC can be promoted by building OSC controllers.

I like the order of the parameters as is, if anything the FX_WETDRY parameter should be made to work. It's in the config:
FX_WETDRY n/fx/wetdry n/fx/@/wetdry n/track/@/fx/@/wetdry
FX_WETDRY s/fx/wetdry/str s/fx/@/wetdry/str s/track/@/fx/@/wetdry/str
I tested this but the values are not sent and sending this parameter to Reaper has no effect. If this where to be fixed then you always have access to this parameter independent of the FX parameter count.
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