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Originally Posted by netphreak View Post
I'm still curious as to why you PREFER "bypass" and "wet" to be the two LAST returned values - I can't see no reason whatsoever to not list them FIRST...

Do you ignore these two values in your controller if there's more than 48 fxparam's in a plugin, or loop through banks?
I use the FX bypass from the config:
FX_BYPASS b/fx/bypass b/fx/@/bypass b/track/@/fx/@/bypass
The bypass in the FX paramater list is actually redundant, same for the FX_WETDRY (apart from the fact that some aspects don't seem to work), that's why I rather see them at the end or even completely removed. These two parameters are part of Reaper, not of the FX plugin parameter set, and as far as I'm concerned the FX plugin parameters should come first. Apart from that almost every plugin has it's own pair of bypass and wet/dry parameters.
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