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Originally Posted by Judders View Post
Saturation can soften transients though. Sometimes a parallel saturated track works better.
good point - another avenue for experimentation!

i'm relistening to the mix in the OP and one thing that occurs to me is that the clickiness of the kick drum (and the toms a little bit too) is almost distracting from the snare i.e. they sound a bit too similar in the overall mix. perhaps that's just me (and i'm only listening on crappy earbuds), but if there was more of a distinction, sonically, between the kick and the snare, then the snare would sound less 'masked'. I think this also has something to do with the performance - in many parts of the song, the kick is playing at the same time as the snare, as well as on the beats all around it, so their 'similarity' is accentuated.
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