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Might try an additional mic too. Mic'ing the snare from the side - right in front of it and about the same height it sits. If there isn't some bleed issue from something else in that spot, you can get a nice complete snare sound. I think some people call this a 'jazz' mic'ing style?

The rock stage led to a dynamic mic right up on the top of the snare to get some punch without screeching squealing feedback. Then we had to start mic'ing the bottom for the snare sizzle and try to put the sound of the snare back together again in the mix.

If you go for getting 95% of the drum sound from the overheads - pull out the tape measure or a drum stick to make sure the snare is centered - extra credit for also centering the kick - then either a spot mic in front of the snare or a center overhead over the shoulder can be a really useful input.

Trying to get a present snare sound out of just a '57 on top is the worst!
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