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Originally Posted by serr View Post

Right away though...
This T2 chip business. It sounds like the M.2 SSDs for example are going to be proprietary and NOT standard M.2! Everything will be geared towards preventing 3rd party repair. The marketing brochure calls this security. So... a weird machine both aimed at raw 4k & 8k video editing and CIA agent work simultaneously. Or something. Preventing 3rd party repair basically.
They want to kill the repair business, as they've been trying to do for years. They want to have Apple Bozos at the "Genius" bar charge you full price for a new computer or phone when it can actually be repaired.

Watch enough of Louis' videos and it becomes apparent - they're deliberately making planned obsolescence products, or their engineers are incompetent.

Apple products are perfectly flawless, except when they're not.

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