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i played it a few times then went back to read this comment.

it reminded me of blondie. seeing that you called it disco, then you have fulfilled your goal.

lets talk about the last 4 seconds- i would have preferred to hear percussion continue and fade out with the organ. (ie. light cymbals) and fade the vocal a longer time (but without lengthening the duration of the ending, i mean, pull the fade start to the left).

I think the bass instrument should be +4 louder (especially since it is disco) and vocal should be -4 softer.

the organ tremelo (leslie?). it sounds mono and panned near all right. I think it should not be panned so much and should oscillate wider r-l. but maybe turn on the lesie only on peak sections.

the vocal reverb sounds great.

the drums sound great. the kick could be boosted especially more on lower end (again, its disco - make the booty dance)

guitar is good. it will really sound great with a real guitar with real fender amp + real spring reverb.

the synth that pans r to l with the "be be be be ..." could maybe use a light flanger on it.

there seems to be a single note where all instruments swell too loud. that is on the first downbeat of the chorus. it creates a muddy / mushy / boomy sound just on the one measure. part of it is because of the bass note. maybe play the bass note and do not play the organ on that one note. or remove the plate reverb from the bass (or, what do you have on it?). maybe the bass could be made crisper (remove all reverb)
Something like this?
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