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Originally Posted by Jorgen View Post
this sounds dramatically, dramatically better to me. especially the ending and the intro too.

i am listening with shure srh840

you still might be able to add a little more bass instrument maybe at the fundamental+2 octave eq point. again, because it is disco for booty shaking. I think this is possible (_maybe_) because the organ is still higher than that area of the bass, and the snare is much higher. do an A/B compare to another favorite classic disco track like blondie to hear how the bass instrument is placed.

minor point: the fade envelope that you have at the ending could have a slightly more curved tail shape, so that the final cymbal dies out at the softer dynamic just a little bit more slowly. right now it gets to a low volume and then cuts down too rapidly, which sounds less good. so then with this slower curve, maybe bring the cymbal track length a little to the left (so the fade starts just a tiny tiny bit earlier).

minor point: perhaps you could eq the two keyboards in a slightly more biased way. they both overlap a bit too much. especially noticeable in the intro bars. the second keyboard (I mean the one which comes in second, panned to the left, doing fast arpeggio) could maybe be more on the treble end because it is the soprano-melody, and the other one could be more on the low-mid area. is offline   Reply With Quote