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On the subject of : Where to put all these fantastic tips and discoveries?

As a new Reaper user I am constantly hopping back and forth between the User Guide pdf (great in parts) and searches in this forum (great).

There are many Reaper items, such as on-screen text from Reaper dialogue boxes etc, that do not appear anywhere in the 3.11 User Guide pdf.

One possible location for tips posted anywhere in the forums could be for some selfless author to collect the key part of all tips and dump them all into an unstructured appendix at the back of the latest Reaper User Guide.
Perhaps a weekly exercise?
Searching for guidance in the User Guide pdf is much quicker than searching the forums, with easier navigation.

If unstructured "tips" were collected in the User Guide, there are two good results:
1) When a user encounters an issue the first reference point would be the latest User Guide, with an increased chance of finding something.
Usage model:
Set Adobe Reader to display page 1 of User Guide. Enter the topic, or dialogue box item, or whatever, in the Adobe Reader search box and hit Enter.
If the search word occurs somewhere in the main body of the User Guide then Adobe will display that page first. But if the search word does not appear in the User Guide then Adobe search will streak on through to the tips appendix and may well display a page there.
2) The unstructured "tips" appendix would already be partly prepared for writers to incorporate into the main body of the User Guide in future updates.
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