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initial work and modifications to IPlugEffect here:

as you will see I have modified


IPlugEffect Example

notable changes:

- there are 2 new elements in resource.h
#define PLUG_FACTORY IPlugEffect_Factory
#define PLUG_COPYRIGHT "Copyright 2017 Acme Inc"
- now I have to use a python script to generate the Info.plist file, because there are elements from resource.h that need to go in the plist file, this is called from a new build phase in the xcode project, but you could also generate the plist files manually
- I also want to make the script edit the .exp file, but I have a small bug that I haven't been able to fix yet, so if you’re manually updating the.exp file you need to add e.g. _IPlugEffect_Factory
- you need to compile against 10.7 SDK+ for audiocomponent entry point support. I recommend 10.9+

any feedback/testing much appreciated (with pre 10.7 SDK etc also)

I don't have a 10.5/10.6 machine so unable to test if it still works there.

had to comment out some stuff here

which may cause issues.. need to think more about that

If anyone wants to test compiled .component here it is
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